Unity Asset: Realistic Eye Movements

Click on the image to start the WebGL demo.

  • Make your characters more lifelike by letting this asset animate their eyes, head, and eyelids
  • Easy to setup
  • If you character was generated by Mixamo, MakeHuman, MCS (Morph3D), Autodesk Character Generator or UMA, setup is even easier: just import the preset
  • Especially strong effect of livelike behaviour when used in Virtual Reality headsets such as Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, as the eyes move in the “social triangle”
  • Uses data from published academic research (described here)
  • Used in the VR demo Coffee without Words

This is a demo of my Unity asset Realistic Eye Movements. It makes your character’s eyes and head look around, at the player, or at objects in a lifelike fashion. Just drop two scripts on your character and set a few parameters. If your character’s eyelids can be moved via bones or blendshapes, this asset can take advantage of that to produce an even more convincing effect.

The asset uses the same code that I used in my VR demo Coffee without Words. If the player uses the a VR headset (such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, or Vive), and you are using Unity’s native VR support, this asset will let the NPCs alternate which of the player’s eyes they look into when looking at the player. Here is a demo that runs on Oculus Rift and the Vive: RealisticEyeMovements_Elevator_Demo.zip
All other VR platforms that are natively supported by Unity work as well with this asset, such as Google Cardboard, Daydream, and Gear VR.

I summarized most of the findings from reading research papers on human movement and animation that I used for this asset in my blog post Experiments with Animation for Eyes and Head, so you can write the code yourself, but this asset can save you a lot of time and has some additional features.

The process of how to apply the component to your character is described in detail in this manual: Full Documentation
For discussions of this asset please visit the Unity forum thread